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FAQ: Are Heaven and Hell Real Places?

This weekend, we looked at another frequently asked (avoided) question:

Are Heaven and Hell real places?

This is a heavy subject.

We’ve all lost loved ones that we weren’t sure where they stood with God. Talking about eternity is hard. We HAVE tot talk FAQ sermon intro 2about it, though. Even if we’re afraid it might offend. Because, eternity is coming for every one of us. There are people – church attenders–all over that don’t give a second thought to eternity. Do you?

Missed the message? Listen on-line:
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Have you bought candy to give out later this month? We have cards available to attach to your candy with messages from Scripture and info on Gateway to give out on Halloween Night! This is a great opportunity. How often does the world come to OUR doors?

Safe Night Out is great event in our community every Halloween. We are encouraging all our small groups to plan a game or a booth to give away candy and meet our community. You can use the cards on your candy at SNO, too! Please let the office know your plans so that we don’t duplicate games.

Safe Night Out took over Gateway last year. Let’s take over Safe Night Out this year!

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